Looking forward to christmas

    beautiful picture,found on photobucket

I'm already looking forward to christmas!
I just wanna sing christmas songs, and I 
can't wait until the snow arrives. 
It gets darker and darker everyday, that's so
cozy, and when it snows, we can light up
the fireplace. And decorating your house in christmas 
theme, and put up christmas lights outside.
Go sledding and skiing with friends.
And when it snows alot at night,the sky
turns purple.

And much,much more...



 The song is also known from

alexander wang's 2010 fall collection



forest gump

                  photo: private

                                        my dear dog, Carmen


If I just had these shoes...



1 and 2: Vera Wang | 3: Bianco Footwear
4: Jeffrey Campbell | 5: Yves Saint Laurent
6: Topshop




Antonio walked step by step through the narrow street. You could hear his foot steps
one by one echoing against the high walls. The whole street was covered by shadow. He could feel the air was moist/damp and warm as he passed by a fat white cat. Antonio stopped. He took off his glasses and looked straight upwards the sky. Though the street was only one and a half meter wide and the buildings were up to eight meters tall, you could still se a stripe of the sky. The sky was clear and blue and Antonio smiled brightly as he looked upwards the sky and enjoyed the view for five seconds. He stroke his mustache and then bend his head down again, put on his glasses,and continued his walk through the street. You could even see the daylight from the beginning and to the end of the street. Antonio thought that the only unconvenience by taking this path, was its unhygenic condition and all the cats hanging around,but that was something he actually did'nt care about. Because each wednesday he showered just after his walk home and
before dinner. Finally he got to the end of the street and then eventually got out of it.

He came in to this big area shaped round by small houses placed like a bow next to each other. It was obvious that Antonio was well known as he went straight forward towards a little bakery almost in the middle of all the houses. In this area there was a small ice cream shop «Gelato Amore» where there were several people who stood and waited in line, there were two small clothing shops, a small café that was specialized in coffee mocha and then this small bakery «Il Gatto». Antonio opened the door to the bakery and went in. Donna stood as always behind the desk trying as best as she could to help the costumers. The costumers was her everything, so she always put her heart into her work trying to take orders like wedding cakes and pies that was her speciality. She was running the place all alone with her little son at 10 by her side, Marcello. Marcello used to help out in the
bakery, but he did'nt do too much hard work, Donna was very careful about that. Right before Antonio came in, Marcello sat on one of the brown soft chairs by the window playing on his new Gameboy. When he heard the clirring bells ringing when Antonio opened the door, he immediately pressed the pause button and turned around against the door. He raised up and put his Gameboy on the table and ran straight to Antonio and said: «Antonio, what happened after the professor found out about you and your friends secret about how to make all these cool formulas in chemistry? Tell me, tell me, I've been waiting since Monday to hear it!» Antonio smiled and laughed, and moved his gaze for two seconds on Donna and winked to her. «Of course, of course Marcello, let me just get my coffee and my beloved donut first. Okay?» «I have no problem in waiting, Mr. Giordano!» said Marcello and got back to his seat and continued his game.

And then eventually it was Antonio's turn. «So, did you get alot of good orders there or what, Donna?» he said. «Well, you can say so. I bet they're very rich, Antonio, very rich. The lady in the red and her husband ordered 50 cakes in many different types and sizes and in addition they wanted a huge wedding cake! And fortunately I got three weeks so I think I'll be okay. But this can actually be my first breakthrough, because in this enormous wedding there will most likely be louds of people there, so this could be a great advertising for my cakes. Oh Antonio , I'm so exited!» she said loudly. «Donna, that's just amazing! I've always said you have something special to offer! So, I bet you should get to work as soon as possible, am I right?» Antonio answered. «Yes...» She looked at Marcello. «Could..could you..» Then Antonio interrupted: «Of course, I was going to tell him about my adventures as
a young boy, you know.» Donna looked a little worried.«Listen, my age has taken over me now,65 so you'll don't have to worry about my time. Donna, promise to do your best?» Antonio smiled happy. « Nothing can stop me from doing my best! And Antonio, you know I appreciate your company. You would have been a great grandfather you know.» He laughed, and smiled. Donna went in to the kitchen. Antonio said loud: “Marcello, please get my coffee and my donut!” “Right up Mr.Giordano!” Marcello pressed the pause button, put his Gameboy on the table and went behind the desk. He turned on the coffee can, picked a donut and put the donut on a plate on the desk. The coffee was finished, and he put it on the desk next to the donut. “3 euros” he said. Antonio dug in his pocket. “Here you go” he said and reached the money to Marcello. “Great, now I have my donut and my coffee. Let’s sit down and I’ll tell how the professor responded on our secret, he he.”
Finally!” Marcello shouted. The both of them sat on each site of table by the window. Antonio began to tell the continuation of the story. Antonio sat and told the story, he made Marcello to fear and laugh. Meanwhile Antonio was telling the story, the fat white cat stood on the other side of the street and looked straight at them. The cat seemed to be very calm. After thirty minutes Marcello asked sudden:“Antonio tell me, are you lonely?” “Eh ,excuse me? Why?” Antonio said surprised and got a little embarrassed. “I came
of the thought that you’re always coming here by yourself. You are a lonely man aren’t you?” Antonio did’nt answer and suddenly he noticed the cat. It had actually ran over the street and stood right outside the window. “ It’s the cat from earlier!” he thought for himself. “There, it’s my cat Mario!” said Antonio nervous and in the same time of pride and was hoping the cat was a male. “That fat cat? It’s cute, I love white cats, Antonio!” Marcello answered. Antonio was relieved, but he stood up and said: “I have to go
dear Marcello, see you tomorrow.” Antonio was a little upset, but he hid that for Marcello. Marcello was surprised and barely got the chance to say goodbye as Antonio went out the door. Antonio looked at the cat for three seconds. Fortunately it was a male. He picked up the cat and started to walk on his way home. As he went, the tears started to fall down his chick. The cat slowly licked his tears, Antonio smiled and threw his glasses in the air. “Mario, I love you!” he cried.


Written by me, Isabel H.R 

A taste of heaven



Whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles on the top,
together with the hot chocolate.



The devil wears Black

Balenciaga dress

Mary Kate shows how beautiful black can be worn.

ah,she just makes me wanna go and collect lots of black stuff and 
create a beautiful black outfit.



Chubby cats

I certainly know that its not healthy, but just a little bit chubbyness make my day.
                    Just have a look at this video. You won't regret.

                                    what can I say?
                      I love chubby cats,they're just too cute.


                                   Muta to the right is one of them.
                                From the anime film,The Cat Returns.


Yesterdays walk in the city

My friend,Capucine

And then this little house, that seem to be the smallest house in town.
I think it's quite adorable

Magic trees stand out in the crowd

                 photo: private

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