A trip to Vigra

by Isabel E.L

by Isabel E.L

by Capucine

Today we were six girls who gone to a green field near by the beach at a place called
Vigra. We barbequed and ate lots of good food, and afterwards we rode horses, a quite 
interesting and fun experience, hihi.




outfit of the day


Lovely café visit

Some pictures from today when I went with my four friends to the Invit café.
The café has such a modern and special interior, and I definitely think it's the best looking café in town.



An experimental video I made, hih.
I'm not perfectly satisfied with it, but I think it's ok.
I look forward to hopefully make more short films, planning to do some
with my friend.. I love the whole process, directing, filming, acting, editing
and adding music and so on.



Mystery child

todays outfit.



Happy easter!

by me

I actually did'nt have any easter feeling at all this year, but fortunately
 I painted eggs with my family, hihi.


by me. Isabel H.R

The drawing unfortunately missed some important details during scanning..
anyways, I hope you'll enjoy the sight :)



scanned image from a 90's Vogue magazine

for this summer,
either light PINK details, or shocking pink clothing, lipstick, 
nail polish and shoes.

want this beauty from Asos



Poem by Me

hihi, a poem I wrote for maybe a year ago? thought it was kinda cute, so here it is.

I am in love.. but deep in my heart I don't know where to go.
Can I just be satisfied with the one I'm in love with?
What if the person I'm in love with is'nt the love of my life?
And then I'll just stand there, totally lost and I will have no one to turn to.
I hope love or true love is easier to find than what I think it is.
What if my love is slipping away now as I speak these wise words?
Love is blowing faster than the wind... or sometimes not.
But he's out there somewhere, waiting for a person that will never kiss him good bye.



I added this beautiful song...
Beach House - Silver soul




- Love the cute details on my cardigan! It's from Bisou Bisou, but I bought it at a rare 
shop were I live.. 

Only two days left, and it's holiday, one week away from school! I can't wait to just relax..
..and to draw, watch tv, movies, fashion scetch, read about japan, shop, play video games,
take pictures and alot more! And BTW, I got my bikini from Victoria Secret a couple of
days ago! It was really cute, and I'll post a picture of it soon.




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