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Christmas holiday is soon here, can't wait to,
wrap up all my gifts in cute paper and tie ribbons. 
meet my friends at a lovely restaurant,
eat a lovely meal and give each other christmas gifts the
day before christmas. Watch christmas films and cartoons. 
Cuddle with my doggie carmen. Play video games.
Watch the snow fall as I lay in my bed. Play the piano.
Lay in the garden with carmen on my lap and 
look at the stars. Be creative. Discover new music.
Get the child like christmas feeling when I wake up in 
the morning at christmas day. Later go for a walk
in the city, then get dressed up and eat dinner while 
wondering and getting excited about my xmas gifts.
Hear my grandfather play christmas songs on the piano.
Get a lot of sleep. Take pictures. Music and dance.
Make a snow cat/pug. Light up the fireplace.

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