I gotta say that this sweater is just great...the orange/red colour, makes a beautiful and stylish constrast to almost everything. I bought it at Monki in Oslo by the way. And the belt I actually got from my grandmother, which I'm so happy and thankful for!
It's been raining alot these days, but actually I find it quite cosy, though I can't wait until the spring blooms for full, and when the summer comes. And by the way, I've also spotted a blog to this woman who wear the most beautiful outfits after my opinion. I guess there's alot of people that already have heard of or seen her, but still... wow.
          I'm going to make a post of her soon..


3 kommentarer:

  1. love this look! like how you made a contrast with that great sweater :)
    following your blog :)


  2. oh gosh, you are sooo adorable! great sense of stylee too! im a fan on lb and now im going to follow you on here! you should follow me too, if you like!


    looking forward to your posts!


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